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Round 2, Houston, TX

Friday Night, January 15, Houston, The Astrodome The Astrodome, in all it's glory

Practice went GREAT!!! My first time back on the track since last Saturday night in St. Louis had me a bit timid, but it wasn't long before I was attacking the track and testing different lines. Tomorrow's practice should be fun. We have 6 Lites so far, and hopefully, more will show up tomorrow for the race.


Sunday Night, January 17, a hotel room in Nashville, TN

I fought an ill handling car on and off through practice all weekend. I had developed a push on the slick (compared to St. Louis) surface, but when it came down to business, things turned around for me. The track was fast and well laid out.

Racing went GREAT!!! I took second to Joe Price in the heat race and then took third in the main. During the heat, Doug Goodenough and I battled back and forth for the second place position, but in the end I was able to hold him off. It was a really fun race. For me, what racing is about.

Sometime during either the end of the heat race or the beginning of the main, I managed to bend a bolt in the car's rear suspension and develop a very BAD push for the main. Still, even with an ill handling car, I was able to hold on to third. I needed to be more aggressive on the rear brake to get it to swing around more in the tight corners. Hindsight, as they say, is twenty/twenty.

Next week's race in Minneapolis should be fun, as I'm getting back into the swing of things. I don't know how many cars will show up, but I get the feeling that it will be a good race.

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