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Ride Red, Bleed Blue
Blue, Bleed Red?

Every one knows somebody that's a die hard brand follower, right?
Sure you do!
We all do - they're brand loyal to the bone.
"Ford's the ONLY make for me. You'll NEVER catch me dead in one of those stupid Chevys."
"My Bowtie will kick your Found On Road Dead vehicle's butt, any day of the week, 24/7!"
Motorcycle people aren't any different.
"You'll never catch me on a Blue Bike!"
"My YZ'll blow you're Kakasawi in the dirt any time, place, track".

Well, let me introduce you to one of our good buddies: Greg Powers - aka "GP".
Greg is Honda Man! Not "a" Honda Man, he IS Honda Man - Die hard Red, through and through.
There is no other brand.
The idea of throwing a leg over anything that's not red is similar in pain as to having his fingernails pulled out with pliers.
Honda, yes, HONDA!

What's sort of fun about this is that a couple of us have switched from blue bikes to the wonderful CRF450s (best mx bike I've ever had the pleasure of going over the bars of) over the past year or so. This, of course, just arms Greg with more Red biased ammo.
Ammo against our buddy, who for this little tale, shall just be known as "Da Leader" That's him over there -------->
Da Leader's always been a Yamaha Guy. He's comfortable on them. He likes them. He's pretty loyal to the good ol' YZ. Our other buddy, who shall be know as Da Pinstriper, is also a Blue Bike Guy. He's ridden them for quite a while too. Nothing wrong with that. - well, unless you're Greg.

Da Leader is bikeless at the moment. He's waiting on an '07 YZF450 - yup, another Blue Bike. This has been a great poking point for Greg - all in good fun, of course. What's not so good for Greg is that, well, he's been leaving his bike at Da Leader's place.
Let's see...
Poke at Da Leader about not buying a new RED bike - "Why would you buy another Blue one when you should be riding a Honda???"
Keep your red bike at Da Leader's house
Constantly bleed Red and let us all know that he's Honda Man!

I see trouble on the horizon - and boy is it FUN!!!

Ever wonder what happens late on a Saturday afternoon in South Western Ohio, when four buddies discover that it's too muddy to ride the 50 track, too muggy and humid to sit outside and, well, were generally bored?
We turn a Honda into a Yamaha - that's what happens!


Greg's nowhere to be found this Saturday night.
Da Leader's already given Greg grief about his Honda (#429) hanging out in his garage too; "Did you notice that I painted it blue?" - to which Greg laughed and said "Yea, sure."
I think that may have just been the wrong thing to say.

Here we sit, bummed that we can't ride 50's and suddenly we hear "Let's go get it and make it blue." The gears began to turn, the planning started and we all head off in our respective directions. Da Leader and Da Pinstriper (wrapping the seat ---->) head out to get the Honda, Da Painter heads to the shop and begins to prep for painting and I head to the grocery store for straws...

We all arrive at the K-fab facility, unload the bike and begin prepping it for the trasformation from a Red Honda to the new, Blue Yamahon.
The front and rear fenders and the radiator scoops are removed and covered in masking tape for painting.
The straws are split and shortened to fit the spokes.
Foil is brought out for detailing, seat covering and general "Bling Bling".
We were in motion and man it was FUN!

Da Painter (that dude ----->) had come up with the perfect plan: Cover the plastic in masking tape and then paint the tape! Absolutely nothing on Greg's Honda would be hurt, damaged or messed up.

While Da Painter and Da Leader taped up the plastic, Da Pinstriper and I worked on the wheels - after all, they needed to be pretty...
The painting began and Da Pinstriper and I worked on detailing the bike out.

Two hours later, we were done and very pleased with our results!
Below shows some of our work.

The only bummer to all of this is that we couldn't find Greg this evening. We were going to get him over to Da Leader's house by telling him that the new bike had arrived quite early and that he needed to come see it. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way.
We're going riding tomorrow - I only wish I could be there when Greg stops by Da Leader's place to pick up his new Yamahon! He's gonna crap himself and I'm gonna miss it.

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