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The Video Files

Here are links to all the videos I've taken, been sent, have and have found over the past few years. I've tried to sort them by catagories of some sort.
Some of the older videos are Quick Time and Real Media Format. The newer stuff is all Windblows Media Play and should be streaming

Deztaz Videos:
The First Test Runs:
Onboard Testing
Test Run #1
Test Run #2
Test Run #3
Test Run #4
Test Run #5
Front Straight of my first race
Some short idiot loose behind the wheel (not me for once!)

Snowflake 2002:
My view during LAUNCH!!!
One of the better launches
Not one of the better launches...
Passing Car 552
Passing Car 552 again
Check Point
Check Point Pass
How to break a rib after the Check Point
Coming into the Pits
Leaving the Pits
Oops. Where'd the track go?
Cattle guard crossing
Tank breaking corner
A bad place to park?
What marker?
Flying over the Finish Line jumps
My view of the Finish Line jumps

Rock To Rock 2002:
First Pass
Second Pass
Highway Run

Snowflake 2003:
My Start View
Jump at the end of the Pits
Water Bar
One really ugly corner
Fun drifting corner
The tank killer again
Two wash crossings
Pass #1
Pass #2
Pass #3
Broken belt
Getting passed
Repass another
The Powerline Road
The CRASH! - this is my personal favorite.

Over The Edge?
First try at extraction

RX1 Engine Install

Happy Valley Testing - Oct '06
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Stadium Lite Stuff:
Slow Motion Endo
Odyssey Roll Over
Pilot Donuts!
Skin N' Bones Racing Video
Roll It!
Gen IV First Roll - Glamis, Thanksgiving, 2007
Desert Dash 5:12 minutes, 26.25MB
Early Evening Desert Dash 10:29 minute, 32.26MB
Night Time Run 7:19 minutes, 45.77MB
Happy Valley 1 :44 minutes, 5.37MB
Happy Valley 2 2:48 minutes, 19.57MB
Happy Valley 3 1:35 minutes, 11.84MB
Four Peaks Ridge 1 1:01 minutes, 6.57MB
Four Peaks Ridge 2 :48 minutes, 5.27MB
Four Peaks Ridge 3 2:25 minutes, 15.48MB
Four Peaks Road 1 6:02 minutes, 37.95MB
Four Peaks Road 2 1:49 minutes, 11.47MB
Four Peaks Road 3 2:04 minutes, 10.55MB
Four Peaks Road 4 2:23 minutes, 14.72MB
Dunes Trip '08 Osbourne Overlook Jump 14 seconds, 1.22MB
Dunes Trip '08 Osbourne Overlook Jump 12 seconds, 1.20MB
Dunes Trip '08 Osbourne Overlook Jump 1:09 minutes, 5.47MB
Dunes Trip '08 Ever want to jump a road? Ben did! (so did I) 20 seconds, 1.63MB
Dunes Trip '08 Ripping around a little track at camp 59 seconds, 3.35MB
Dunes Trip '08 My view of the track 1:08 minutes, 6.22MB
Dunes Trip '08 A little dune running 1:03 minutes, 3.92MB
Dunes Trip '08 A few minutes of ripping around in the desert by the dunes 3:39 minutes, 20.95MB

Big Bikes:
The Gravity Cavity
One lap with Bargo around Dirt Country
One lap around Highland Lakes
Highland Lake's BIG jump
Small jump at the Dunes
Ridge running in the Dunes
Larry & Brian in the Dunes
Bargo on his 450
One Lap on the 450
Two Laps with Larry

What the Heck?
Killer 50's #1
Killer 50's #2
Killer 50's #3
One Lap Around the Track
Steve - He's Learning!
35+ Class Final
Over the Table-Top (25'er)
Hot Laps
50 Mod Final
One Lap on the Mini
When Whips Go Bad
110 Mod Final
Larry, Gary & Brian on the 50s
One Lap on the Mini Track
Larry & Gary in the Whoops
AJ on a KLX-125
One Lap on the 50s
Dave on an 88cc CRF 50
Following Gary in the Whoops
Karl - that's a 1984 XR 200
Downhill Jump
Lower Section
The Crew
Bridge One
Corner Battle
Greg & Larry Fly By
Greg & Brian Jumping
Greg & Larry Jumping
Greg & Larry Jumping
Larry & Greg Fly By
Backside Jump View
Brian Fly By
Brian & Greg
Brian & Greg
Go Frodo!
Frodo Go!
Go Frodo Go!
Greg Down!
Front End Problems?
Target Larry
Greg Fly By
Larry Fly By
Down Hill Larry
Larry Jumping
Larry Jumping again
Bargo flyby
Gary & K-fab switchback
K-fab slideout
Off camber
Dave on the table top
Gary & Bargo over the double
That was good!

Who knows What:
Juggling Act You Have To See!
Amazing Music Machine
European Style (watch first) and then Even More Style
Chair Racing!!!
More Chair Racing
Shoveling Along? (5/5/07)
More Shoveling(5/5/07)
My cat Spot
Cat versus the wall
Crab versus a pipe
Ferrari versus Pit Crew
Squirrel versus launcher
Ice Fishing?
Rally Racing Wrecks!
Sled Backflip
Nice Save!!!
Ranger Danger
Glamis Canal Jump
Aggressive Driving?
Best for last...Scum Sucking Evangelist

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