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The basics:

Over all Length: 124 inches

Over all Height: 66 inches

Over all Width: 68 inches

Wheel Base: 88 inches

Weight Before I stared working on it: Guessing 1,150 lbs.

Front Travel: 17.25 inches

Rear Travel: 14 inches (will change)

Front Ground Clearance at full extension: 21 inches

Front Ground Clearance at full compression: 3.75 inches

Rear Ground Clearance at full extension: 14 inches

Rear Ground Clearance at full compression: NONE! YIKES!!! (we'll get at least 3 inches just with chassis mods alone)

Just for grins: Upper front a-arms weigh 5.6 lbs and lower arms weigh 9.25 lbs.

(5/2/00) I spent the evening pulling the car apart and getting that slug of an engine pulled out. I've never seen so many 1/4-28 bolts in my life! This car was not designed to be worked on.

The bracing's not very good around the cage, cross bracing in the chassis around the rear cage is nonexistent, but nothing I can't fix. Also, from the front of the seat all the way to the back of the car, the chassis has been lowered about three inches. By moving this entire section back up to the level of the rest of the chassis we'll be able to see out better and gain more ground clearance. The back of the car squats quite a bit too. I hope to level it out.

Front A-arms Rear Cantilever Link
Rear ends of the Moskito and Gecko for comparison Back of the Gecko
A Comparison of the Moskito to the Desert Car Rear View of the Gecko
No Clothes! The only thing this is good for is a boat anchor!
Bare Rolling Chassis The Slug Motor from Hell
Hymark Tranny Side Hymark Tranny Top
Side View of the Hymark Transaxle Top View of the Hymark Transaxle

(6/9/00) Our motor arrives....I've been waiting on the engine (Artic Cat 900 Thunder Cat Triple) and accesories for the past couple weeks. Wednesday I get a nice big box - "Oh BOY!!! The engine's here!" I was wrong! It was 'box 2 of 2' - just the pipes, clutch, misc stuff. What the heck? Where's the power plant? Come Friday (today) I still haven't seen the engine. I start making phone calls and I discover that it's been delivered to a business just down the road. Go figure out that one. Three mailboxes later and I now have the engine for the Desert Car.

Naturally, everything comes together (Moskito stuff included) just one day before our family leaves for a week's vacation, so the car's gonna get put on hold for a couple more weeks. Oh well...

When I return from vacation, I'll be putting my efforts towards the Moskito. It's finally together and there's a race at Crandon, WI the weekend after we come home. I'll hopefully get started on the Desert Car around the first week of July.

To make following what I'm doing to the Gecko a bit easier, I've decided to change my format just a bit.
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