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Over the past 10 years I've written a lot of different things. Some of it I recall like it was yesterday, some of it I don't recall doing at all.
So, to get everthing in a bit of an order, and to allow anyone that wants to paruse my site (including myself), I've decided I need to put up a site map that has a listing of all the stuff I've done. There are actually quite a few links that I never published or linked up to - things that are not necessarilly "Yellow Dog Racing" stuff.

I'm listing everything in alphabetical order - this is the way I see my site when I go to the server and look at the structure.

YDR's Site Map

The 10Dez, Part II
My race report on the 2008 Terribles 250 There's nothing there - in a nutshell, we went 35 miles, I broke my hand, we drove the car into the truck and called it good. Party in Vegas ensued. Never published this one, never finished it
The conversion of a two stroke R/C Helicopter to a four stroke power plant
The Chronicals of an Old Fart trying to race 50cc motorcyles
Old Farts on 50cc motocycles
A little tutorial on doing some modifications to an Audi
How to change the brakes on an Audi RS6
My adventure of getting to navigate in a tropy Truck for the 2006 Baja 1000
My second Baja Adventure. The 500 in 2007 Never published this one, never finished it.
Part of the old Moskito Project
More of the old Moskito Project
The Darwin Awards
The final days of the original DezTaz
Our original attempt at a Desert Racer - this car lives again, btw.
Designing of the Moskito
The original DezTaz page
The 10Dez, Part I
How to put a Deztaz over a hill side
Our first few attempts at Desert Racing I believe there are four races under this page.
2004 Mexico Point to Point race Rain, snow and a race win.
The infamous 11 second race
Rock to Rock in Mexico, 2004 and Stone City, a Mid-western Race
Snowflake 2002
Snowflake 2003
Snowflake 2004
Snowflake 2005
Putting an RX1 sled engine into the old Deztaz
How to crash a Deztaz in your front yard
Moskito designing
2008 Dunes Trip
A little explanation of Engineers
The Frankenskeeter A heavily modified Honda Pilot
More on the original Desert Race Car project
Parts for the old Desert Race Car Project
The Briggs Generation IV Stadium Lites
Converting an older generation of R/C helicopter to a newer setup
A couple of our Government's better achievements
Celebrating Greg's Birthday More Old Farts on 50's.
How to hurt a Honda Rider
How to select a properly fitting helmet Keep that brain safe!
My first four trips to Glamis
The Joke Page
How to fix the links on a Honda Pilot's rear suspension
A Page of Links to places I like
Moskito Project stuff
More Moskito stuff
Even more Moskito Stuff
Some of my Motocross stuff
George Carlin on the New Orleans hurrican slamming
The chronicals of my Stadium Lite Racing
An old page of three Stadium Lites
Dedicated to my favorite hater
Racing Diary of the Moskito
A little look on life from my perspective
1999 St. Louis Stadium Lite Race
1999 Houston Stadium Lite Race
1999 Minneapolis Stadium Lite Race
1999 Anaheim Stadium Lite Race
1999 Phoenix Stadium Lite Race
1999 San Diego Stadium Lite Race
1999 El Paso Stadium Lite Race
1999 Pontiac Stadium Lite Race
1999 Vancouver Stadium Lite Race
1999 Seattle Stadium Lite Race
Setting up a Honda Pilot for Stadium Racing
A basics on how shocks work
A couple of trips to Silver Lake, MI
Specifications of the first Desert Race Car
The basics of how springs work on a suspension
Secret Squirrel Speed Works A project that never got off the ground.
The Transport Truck
How I feel about Microsloth
Moskito suspension design
Chronicals of how one starts racing Motocross
A few tales of the old Deztaz
Shocks, suspension, springs, helmets - technical stuff info
The end of my Stadium Racing
Stadium Lite tire information
Some chronicals of the old Moskito and it's travels
A listing of all my videos
The old Yamaha YZF and things that happened on it

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