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The Pecker Head
I'd like to dedicate this page to one of my biggest fans

Out in the Pilot & Odyssey World is a particular individual who has held a very large grudge against me for years now. A few years back we didn't see eye to eye on a few things. We argued about it, I let it go and moved on as it was no big deal to me, but apparently it was and still is, to him.

What ever.

I will, to protect his name and honor as the self assigned God and Guru of the Pilot & Odyssey World, happily refer to him as Pecker Head! It's a label that I feel fits him quite well. Union Mentality Moronic F*** might work well too, but I think I'll stick with Pecker Head instead. It rolls out much easier.

The other day, I was doing an internet search on Pilot and Odyssey related information and came across a link that seemed familiar, but at the same time rang no bells. I clicked on it and discovered that I'd found Pecker Head's web page. (Oh goodie!)

If I'd realized that it was Pecker Head's site, I wouldn't have clicked on the link. Avoiding Pecker Head and his world is really that easy to do for me and I've made an effort to avoid all that is Pecker Head for a very long time now.

There are many places on the internet that I have absolutely no desire to go to and Pecker Head's site is one of them. But, since I made the mistake of clicking on it, and since I still have a fascination with Pilot & Odyssey information (which to his credit, his site is full of) I went ahead and made a quick scan of the home page and discovered that Pecker Head's still carrying me high on his list of enemies.

Good for you Pecker Head!

I'll give him credit for sticking with something! I find it sad that he can't find anything better to do than carry the Torch of Hatred for me - which I'm sure he'd love to stick up by back side.
It's interesting, at least to me, that he's wasted his time and put forth the effort even coming to my site. I don't like him, I don't go to his site, so why should he bother doing the same by coming to my site? - probably has something to do with that torch he's carried for me for so long...

Anyhow, I figured I'd share with anyone that reads this site his take on me and this web site. This is cut and pasted straight off Pecker Head's site and I find it to be quite comical:

Sorry but you wont see any pictures "about me" on this site, no xrays, no tattos,
no tramp stamps LMAO
you also are not required to stroke my ego...
A wise man told me there's something you should know
The way you judge a man is to look into his soul
And you'll soon see everything.

I'm glad we won't find pics of Pecker Head on his site - he's one ugly bastard!

Yes, this web site just happens to be all about me! Hell, Yellow Dog Racing has been a ten and a half year long chronicle of my off road racing, playing, happenings and such. I'm not writing about the happenings of people I don't know.

X-rays and Tattoos (not xrays or tattos, Pecker Head - you never could spell worth a crap and your punctuation and grammar suck even more so...) are a part of my personal history. Show me someone that's broken eighteen bones over their life time that doesn't have a comment about them.

The tat pretty much sums up my feelings about life so sharing that via my web page is, if nothing else, my personal expression. Oh, wait, that makes this site about me. Damn, I need to fix that. And the comment about Tramp Stamps - where in the world did that come from? Not only do I not see any pictures (because I've never posted one on any of my pages) of Tramp Stamps but I don't have one either. Tats aren't for everyone and those that don't like them tend to get their panties in a wad about them. Pecker Head must be a panties in a wad type person about Tats... or he just likes the feeling he gets from his panties being all wadded up.
"Mommy, why's the ugly man walking so funny?" said the little girl in Wally World.

I could care less if anyone "strokes my ego". If by someone saying thank you to me for something I've done is stroking me, then I'll take that. But as far as me standing on a street corner (or a spot in cyber space) with a sign around my neck saying "Please puff my ego up" - Nah, not my style. Pecker Head is very much encouraged to continue to think in this manner about me, though, as who am I to tell anyone what they may or may not feel, think or have opinions about?

And the lines about judging a man - see? Judging - he's one of these people that must judge someone. I take people for what they are and if it would appear that I can get along with that person, then I cruise along happily in that person's company. If it appears to be someone that I can't get along with, then why should I waste my, and their, time? Maybe that is judging someone, but it's not to be good or rude to anyone, it's to see if you can co-exist with someone. If you can't then drop it and walk away. There's no need to carry the Pecker Head Torch of Hatred about someone. It's much more simple to just not carry any sort of feeling or concern for that person. Turn, walk away and forget about it.

To be honest, I'd forgotten about Pecker Head and long ago removed any and all mentions of Pecker Head (at least that I'm aware of) from these pages. I'd not thought about Pecker Head for a very long time - I don't tend to hold grudges, worry about people that I don't get along with nor waste my time on people like this. I have much better stuff to do with my time than put forth any effort in carrying any sort of bad feelings or negative energy with me. It's a total waste of time. I close those chapters of my life and move on.

But this time I think it's worth the effort of this little page... If nothing else, just for the sheer entertainment of it all to myself and to maintain my status as the target of the Torch of Pecker Head's Hatred.

After all, as Pecker Head says on his site, this site is all about me! - Damn, I need to work on that...

Oh, by the way; Pecker Head, if you happen to find this page, while cruising around my site, drop me a line.
Have a great day!
or not...

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